Over the years we have received many questions regarding irrigation sprinkler systems, repairs, maintenance, inspections and the services we provide. These Q & A’s may answer many initial questions you may have.

We have been serving the Georgia area for approximately 10 years.

In most cases we arrive within 24 hours from the time you call. We also offer emergency 24 hour service, however additional fees may apply.

Our staff is available to service all our client needs no matter how large or small.

Yes, even if you are building a new home or installing a pool? Contact us first and receive an expert designers' perspective. We will design an irrigation sprinkler system that meets your specific needs. Just call and discuss your project or ideas with us.

Blue Springs Irrigation offers the most complete line of sprinkler parts and accessories for residential and commercial clients. Operating 24 hours a day, we are available to handle any of your sprinkler related needs.

For more information, please contact our office at 229-436-1134.

Yes, there are a couple of options available.  For more information, please contact our office.

Yes, we warranty our workmanship and materials for two years from the time of service.

Yes, we are licensed and fully insured according to the laws of the state of Georgia.

Yes, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your irrigation needs and provide you with a FREE, written estimate.  One of the company's standards of operations is no pressure sales.  Please contact our office at 229-436-1134.

Yes, we will service systems that we did not originally install.  Please contact our office at 229-436-1134 to arrange for an appointment.

Absolutely. An experienced Service Technician can fine tune an estimate for you pretty quick. "Key word being, experienced."

Sometimes we can and sometimes we can't. If the system was poorly designed in the beginning, there is a chance we can not.  That is why we use the "Double Coverage Theory" to ensure every part of your lawn is getting the same adequate coverage. We strive for 100% overlap to ensure this coverage.

We use in ground valves. We do not use above ground valves. They are a higher maintenance valve application, for two reasons. They are apt to freeze in the winter cold weather and the squirrels love to chew on the wiring. 

Yes, our Service Technician can evaluate your well to see how much water it is putting out and then design your system accordingly.

Yes, the stainless steel rotors are designed to last much longer, although the standard rotors are commercial grade and come with a 2 year warranty from day of installation. The stainless steel rotors come with a 5 year warranty.

Yes, when it starts getting really cold and your grass is going dormant, it's time to cut the system off.

Not only is it Georgia State Law to install them on all new installations, rain sensors save the State of GA millions of gallons of water per day. If you are on city or county water utilities, it will save lots of money.