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Irrigation System Design – with our 10 years of irrigation sprinkler system design experience we will design a professional, quality irrigation sprinkler system for your lawn, shrubs, garden or landscape, selecting the proper quality sprinkler heads, automatic and manual valves, controllers, timers, drip systems and hydraulics necessary for an irrigation sprinkler system that will give you years of green service.

Irrigation Repair – whether it be a wiring problem or a busted pipe, the system will not work at full capacity until repairs are made. A service technician will address the problem and make the proper adjustments. In this area of service, an experienced irrigation technician is vital in keeping the job at a minimal cost to the customer.

Irrigation System Inspection – just like a car, your irrigation sprinkler system needs a periodic inspection and tune-up to keep it safe, in good repair, and operating efficiently. A minimum of once a year is suggested.

Sprinkler System InstallationFrom inception to installation we create and implement a plan that will keep your landscape green while keeping you happy. We prefer using the trenchless method, using a vibratory machine to install the system. This minimizes yard damage.

Sprinkler System RenovationRenovate your existing system to cover more ground, function at the best times and perform better.

Irrigation System MaintenanceKeep your residential or commercial irrigation systems working at full capacity and extend their service years with our maintenance service. We repair broken or leaky pipes, sprinkler heads and perform head adjustments for better coverage.

Timers / ControllersWe can set your sprinkler timers / controllers so you get the most from your system without over watering your lawn and also set it to water at the proper times.

Drip IrrigationKeep your water use low while providing the optimal irrigation for your landscape. Drip irrigation is normally used in shrub beds around a home or office.

Spring Start Ups and Winterizationwe can ensure that your irrigation sprinkler system isn’t hampered by the seasons with our spring start up and winterization¬† service plans.

Rain SensorsDon’t let your irrigation sprinkler system work overtime on your lawn or landscape when mother nature can do it for you. Rain sensors help minimize water usage while your lawn still gets the treatment it needs. It is a Georgia State Requirement that Rain Sensors be installed on all new installations.

Backflow Prevention – A double check backflow prevention device is installed to insure your drinking water is protected from contaminants.

Blue Springs Irrigation can create a one-time project or service plan to meet all of your irrigation needs. We service almost anything and everything concerning your lawn and garden irrigation systems.

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